Finched Wren Campaign Setting is my (Zuoken’s) version of the Lattice of Heaven as found on the local side of the Living Gate. There are at least two versions of the original “Great Wheel,” one of which has its primary axis running from Hestavar to Pandemonium, another axis of which runs between Celestia and Kalandurren. I am currently studying to try to comprehend how these versions fit together, for I am convinced the shift has something to do with Faerûn’s Spellplague. Mystra seems to have died and become somehow reborn as Ioun, who lives in Hestavar with Pelor and Erathis, while Lord Ao’s death seems to be described by the story of Amoth who was slain in Kalendurren, and has yet to canonically resurrect hisself.

As I who am Zuoken, also named Kemuel in Hestavar, am now an exarch of Ioun, my dimensional alignment will consider the Living Gate to run approximately from Carceri on the esoteric side, to Shom on the objective side, with Kalandurren and Pandemonium falling on the far side of said Gate. The Elemental Chaos’ Abyss and Pandemonium Stone both likewise fall on the far side of that reach, but at that level of the universe. The Supreme Authority of the Finched Wren Campaign Setting is a masculine Divinity named Victor, though Pelor and Erathis as the King and Queen of Light are personally and monarchically authoritative. Lord Ao / Amoth is the mildest of the formal and monotheistically honored levels of Deity, and so is for all purposes the focus of the campaign setting for those of us who are hierarchically beneath Him. His death at the hands of Orcus and Demogorgon was certainly connected with the murder of Mystra by Cyric and Shar, and though they are both resurrected to the roles of Ioun and Amoth following Faerûn’s Spellplague, the private relationship they once had has now become exposed to the apocalyptic ruination waged by demons across the known universe.

Counter to that story of deicide is the conflict between Bahamut and the Quom. Whereas the Living Gate is a local boundary between dimensionality and the pulsating tempo and motives of the Far Realm, the “unsundering” of the Quom Deity Lakal is a motivational arrangement between dimensionality and the selfish side of the local universe. The villains who killed Lakal are the draconic Deity Bahamut and the primordial Nihil, and now the curse of the Quom are ever upon Bahamut for his destructive role. The many scattered fragments of Lakal are found throughout the Astral Sea, but the greatest collection of them are found in the vicinity of Bane’s fortress of Tuer-Chern in Chernoggar.

Because Pelor and Ioun, both of Hestavar, are so concerned with the status of the Living Gate, I tend to align it as perpendicular to the Hestavar – Pandemonium axis. The maruts likewise seem to very aligned with said axis, their point of origin being noted as the Tower of Judgment in Hestavar, opposed by their post in the Elemental Chaos, where a group of them known as the Watchers of Tomorrow track the wanderings of the Pandemonium Stone. However, Bahamut’s realm in Celestia opposite Kalandurren shows alignment with that alternative axis. I have yet to fully understand the significance of associating deicide with the second axis, while the mapping of the Lattice of Heaven seems to pertain to the first.

In the case of the Quom, my thinking is that the deicidal aspect of their tense story is travelling slowly with the Celestia – Kalendurren axis, while the dimensional aspect is counterpart to the Living Gate. The seasonal shifting of these axes one from another coincide with the precession of the Earth’s equinoxes, such that the maruts’ Tower of Judgment alongside Hestavar corresponds with the end of the Age of Aries / beginning of the Age of Pisces. The Pandemonium Stone conversely corresponds with the end of the Age of Libra / beginning of the Age of Virgo.

26,000 years makes for a complete axial precession, called a Great Year, and we are currently about 23.8° through the Age of Pisces, such that Celestia as the normative dominion of lawfully good ethical alignment has now progressed just slightly more than one dominion away from its origin at the Tower of Judgment. With the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game’s earlier versioning of the Astral Sea, the Great Wheel of varying ethical alignments was divided into sixteen outer planes. Each spanned approximately 22.5°, meaning that if the Tower’s position is considered on the Archanus / Mechanus side of Hestavar / Arcadia, then it falls very precisely where we are imagining it in the greater context.

Finched Wren C S